The thing I love about using fertility awareness as a birth control method is the choice it gives me.  I know that by tracking my cycle I can choose whether I take actions which would avoid or achieve pregnancy.  Using this method means I am not altering my natural hormones and having a detrimental effect on my health as a result.

Enjoying the sea air in Felixstowe this weekend

I track my cycle to allow myself a better understanding of what is going on in my body.  If I am able to ovulate and my period arrives within a similar time frame (give or take a day) each month I can be confident that my hormones are acting as they should.  I notice patterns like the fact that I prefer the taste of chocolate in my luteal phase to my follicular phase, when I’m in the early days of my cycle I actually prefer silence or an audiobook to my usual music, when I’m in my fertile phase I want to wear matching underwear and floaty dresses!

So whilst tracking my cycle is great as a natural hormone-free contraceptive it’s also brilliant for tuning into my body and allowing me to live more in alliance with my body, not fighting it and asking it to do things it doesn’t want to do!

It might sound a bit kooky, and it probably does, but in all honesty, I really don’t mind.  If you learn to track your cycle using the Symptothermal method you can very simply use it as a method of birth control, or you can take it as deeply as you’d like and use it as a lifestyle choice, get your family on board and live more fluidly and cyclically not just with your cycle but with the seasons of nature too, its completely up to you!

If you’d like to discuss how tracking your cycle allows you more choice in your contraceptive options, avoids hormonal birth control and allows you to choose when you do or don’t have a baby then please get in touch.  I am offering one-to-one coaching in my “Learn to Love your Cycle” programme at the moment, understand how your body literally talks to you!  Book a call with me here – and see if it could work for you!