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What is Fertility Awareness Coaching? Is it Right for Me?

Fertility Awareness is a method of natural birth control where a woman tracks biomarkers of basal body temperature, cervical mucus and cervix position to determine their fertile and non-fertile phases.

Whilst many think that “Natural Family Planning” or Fertility awareness” is for women or couples who are looking to conceive, it is actually more widely used to avoid pregnancy whilst planning your life around whether you would at some point like to have children, and the best thing that there are no side effects, it doesn’t affect your ability to have children in the future and it gives you a great insight into your health and your bodies natural ebbs and flows each cycle.

Whilst you can learn about fertility awareness by yourself from books or even use an app, by working with an instructor you’ll have someone holding your hand and answering your questions as you go along, your cycle is unique to you and having support whilst you get to know it can make a massive difference to your success at using the method and sticking with it!

My Approach

I teach FAM as a way of using the menstrual cycle as a vital sign for health, alongside being a side-effect-free method of contraception that allows you to conceive naturally when you are ready. I love sharing my knowledge with women and helping them understand how their body really works – something I believe should really be taught before we start our periods not later down the line. I am constantly learning myself and apply that knowledge into everything I teach too.

99.6% Effective

The sympto-thermal method has been used for over 50 years – it was developed when scientists discovered that women had a higher basal body temperature depending on which part of their cycle they were currently in – this was originally discovered in 1868 but not originally connected to finding the point of ovulation. By combining this finding with the fact that cervical mucus with the right properties needs to be present for the woman to be fertile the sympto-thermal method was developed.

Side effect free method of contraception
Conceive naturally
Fifth vital sign for health
Tune into your body
Work with not against your cycle

Sick of the side effects of hormonal birth control?

Learn the super powers of your cycle


After “accidentally” conceiving my first child in 2015 I came to Fertility Awareness via learning to live cyclically, once I discovered the way my body worked and how intricate each aspect of my menstrual cycle was I was hooked on how amazing the female body is – I also couldn’t believe this wasn’t something taught to me when I was a teenager, instead I learnt about it aged 34!…read more

Lisa Sherratt

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